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Peter Jensen, Vogue x artplinths

VOGUE fashion shows,


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VOGUE fashion shows, spring summer 2013

PETER JENSEN didn’t show his collection in London this year. Instead he went to Paris and set up shop - almost quite literally as when we entered the white space on Rue des Arquebusiers it looked just as you’d imagine a PJ shop to look.

And on its rails a collection inspired by the sculptor Barbara Hepworth. “I looked at the materials she used in her work,” elaborated Jensen, referring specifically to the pebble print section of the collection. He took the influence further with a strong prevalence of artist smock shapes and further prints based upon her life - a beach print representative of St Ives where she lived and another depicting her sculptures and a little boat on its way to the island. Cute and quaint and perfectly Peter.

Bespoke plinths by Art Plinths Ltd