ON SALE 30H x 100W x 100D cm plinth

£149.00 + VAT

£89.00 + VAT


On Sale to clear  30H x 100W x 100D Low platforms . we have 10 of these surplus to requirements - used once and in pretty good condition. sold in good used condition to be repainted. or for an extra £20 + vat we can repaint them back to a good white standard. 

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On sale to clear in either good used condition  - some scuff marks etc. or for an extra £20 we can get them back into pristine shape for you.  - bargain price as we have too many in stock. we have 10 units available 

Artplinths, well designed and adaptable.

Low Platforms are reinforced for fashion models or manniquins, suitable for fashion and press days. 

Fabricated in lightweight 12mm Medite premier MDF with mitred joints all round for a seamless finish (no more furry board edges). Professional quality hand-painted finish comes as standard and is easily touched up and repainted, or choose a sprayed finish in any RAL code to order. Our plinths have a simple removable shadow gap: they can sit directly on the floor or for AV cables or aesthetics they can be raised 6mm or more (no more mouse holes for cables). Artplinths can be adapted for a multitude of applications with cable outlets, lockable doors, internal shelves and locking points for computers and monitors. We supply plinths in ZF formaldehyde-free MDF and other materials. We can adapt for heavy-duty use. We have three duty levels, up to a reinforced 18mm. 

Museum-quality display plinths, made in London.

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