ON SALE  WALNUT Hexagon Plinth 80H x 40W cm

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ON SALE WALNUT Hexagon Plinth 80H x 40W cm

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ATTN - this is a dark wood plinth not OAK  - please see last image for colour 

Artplinths Hexagon plinths in real Hardwood Veneers and Plywoods

Walnut Hexagon plinth one only perfect condition 

Note that the image is of an OAK plinth  - it will be exactly the same as this but the wood is Walnut not oak (DARK BROWN) 

- sorry dont have a picture 

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Note that the image is of an OAK plinth  - it will be exactly the same as this but the wood is AMERICAN BLACK Walnut not oak 

- sorry dont have a picture 

Artplinths Hexagon Plinths in Real wood Veneers and specialist Plywoods this in Walnut 

This 6 sided plinth is 80cm height x 40cm across the opposing flat parallel sides  or 45cm from point to point.

Fully Mitred on all sides. All our 6 sided pedestals are fine finished In real hardwood veneers and Plywoods for furniture quality results.  Artplinths hexagon plinths are an economic alternative to cylinders or round plinths. Hexagons are a sturdy faceted shape and lend themselves to columns for retail or gallery display Columns

Artplinths' real-wood veneered plinths are handmade by craftsmen to museum standards. Made in-house in our London workshops, these hardwood pedestals are fully mitred, seamless and fine finished.

in Low-sheen varnish 

After much research we’ve sourced a subtle yet hardwearing finish that really flatters the crown- cut veneers we use, and adds a depth and beauty to the patina usually associated with a waxed or Danish-oiled surface. This finish provides long-lasting protection and is resistant to moisture and most household chemicals. 

Please note: real-wood veneers are a natural wood product and can vary in colour, grain and patina. Unfinished plinths will be lighter and paler in colour, consistent with the natural wood. 

Our plinths have a simple removable shadow gap: they can sit directly on the floor or for AV cables or aesthetics they can be raised 6mm or more (no more mouse holes for cables).

Museum-quality display plinths, proudly made in London.

Artplinths | London Art Workshop is a London Living Wage Employer.

Data sheet

Height 80cm
Width 40cm across parallel sides
Depth 40cm across parallel sides
Weight of plinth 12KG approx
Hexagon Width Point to point 45cm Point to point .