80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm
80H x 60W x 60D cm

Painted Plinth 80H x 60W x 60D cm

£282.00 inc VAT

or £235.00 + VAT

Our museum-quality painted plinths are the perfect choice for displaying fine art, objects or retail products. Choose standard matt white, or customise your Artplinth from a range of classic and contemporary options. Sprayed finishes are available as a special order, please contact us by email for a quote. 

Paint finish
Duty level
Door and floor
ZF formaldehyde-free


Artplinths’ painted plinths are the first choice for leading galleries, museums, photographers and collectors.

Well designed and adaptable, they are fabricated in Medite® premier MDF with mitred joints all round for a seamless finish (no more furry board edges). Professional quality hand-painted gallery finish comes as standard and is easily touched up and repainted, or choose a bespoke spray-painted finish in white, black or any RAL colour code by custom order (not available as a website option – please email us for details sales@artplinths.co.uk )

Our plinths have a simple removable shadow gap: they can sit directly on the floor, or to accommodate AV cables or aesthetics they can be raised 6mm or more (no more mouse holes for cables). Artplinths can be adapted for a multitude of applications with cable outlets, lockable doors, internal shelves and locking points for computers and monitors. We supply plinths in ZF formaldehyde-free MDF for museum use if required. We can also adapt our plinths for heavy-duty use. We have three duty levels, up to a heavy-duty reinforced 18mm version.

Website options

Painted matt white Hand finished in matt with mohair roller. We use British standard white, which is a softer, nicer white than brilliant white. Galleries usually prefer this finish as it matches the gallery walls and rather fades into the background, giving artworks more space to breathe and show themselves. This finish is cheaper than a spray finish and can be touched up  and repainted in situ. It does mark more easily than spray-finished plinths but, that said, it's easy to repaint.

Painted matt black Same principle as the above but in black. It's a nice, subtle finish. This is the finish preferred by photographers (along with matt white, actually) as there is very little light bounce. Again, it does tend to mark but can be easily and ongoingly touched up and repainted.

Painted matt colour You can choose any Dulux or RAL colour code and we will buy this locally and use it to paint your order.

ZF formaldehyde free ZF free is normally required by museums where objects need to be kept in a controlled environment. It is not normally a requirement for temporary exhibitions or domestic applications.

Duty levels (Please let us know the approximate load weight of your object at checkout.) 

Standard duty 12mm Mitred plinth with a 12mm or ½ inch panel thickness.
Loading: Nominally up to 25kg of spread weight.

Reinforced 12mm We add internal MDF ribs for structure. Suitable for middle-weight art objects. Loading: Nominally up to 50kg of spread weight.

Heavy duty 18mm This is a thicker, more robust ¾ inch product. We will add extra internal structure to suit each job.
Loading: Nominally up to 100kg of spread weight.

Non website options (Please email us for a made-to-order quote)

Plinths for very heavy loads We call this Super heavy Duty but it’s not available on the website as we would prefer to speak to you so we make sure all specifications are correct. We regularly make plinths for weight in the hundreds of kilos – I think the record still stands at 2000kg for some works for Tony Cragg. Please email us to discuss your requirements.

Spray finished white or black This is our standard sprayed finish. It tends to be chosen for retail and shop projects as it is a beautifully luminant display surface that's also hardwearing and regularly cleanable. It is also popular with art collectors as it is a quality finish which survives well long term in a domestic environment. Downsides are that it's a little more expensive to produce and if it does get scratched or damaged it cannot be repainted or repaired in situ. It has more of a visual presence than the matt finished plinths and is more reflective. Our standard sheen level is 25% – a satin finish. This is a good level of sheen that tends not to show up marks but has a good luminosity. Sprayed plinths can be specified matt or satin. We also offer gloss (wetlook or high gloss) finishing as a custom option, which looks amazing.

Spray finished in a colour You can choose any non-metallic RAL colour code and we will have this mixed up especially for your plinth. Note that RAL is the industry standard system we use to specify paint. We are often asked to match Pantone colours for our display columns and this is sometimes possible but patchy, as Pantone is the system mainly used to specify printing inks.

Custom orders: any size, weight, shape or finish!
Artplinths also make plinths in bespoke sizes to suit specific artworks or projects. We consult closely with collectors, curators, artists and visual merchandisers by phone, email or in person to create exactly the finish and size you require. Please drop us an email to discuss your requirements or request a callback. We are a small team, experienced and friendly, art- educated and happy to discuss your ideas.

Colour matching named-brand colours It's sometimes possible to match named-brand paint manufacturers’ colours in spray finishes, Little Greene and Farrow & Ball being the most popular. Please email us with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do. We can paint plinths in brand-name paint of course if you need to colour match – email us for prices.

Custom paint finishes for plinths We are happy to look at painting plinths in metallic and other finishes to order. Whatever your requirements are, we're sure to be able to help.

Lead times for standard orders

Please note that most of the plinths on the website are custom made to order. Our anticipated lead times are as follows:  

(From next working day after payment)

Painted plinths: standard lead time between 10 and 20 working days.
Sprayed plinths: standard lead time between 15 and 25 working days.

If you need your plinths in a hurry we do offer rush job rates for a quick turnaround. The extra percentage covers the cost of overtime in prioritising your order. Please email us to discuss this: sales@artplinths.co.uk 

Example rates for rush jobs  (From next working day after payment and where possible)
Express rate: lead time between 6 and 10 working days + 25%
Super express rate: lead time 5 working days or less  + 50%

Weight of plinth
Approx 13 kg
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