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Artplinths are developing a range of gallery furniture for art exhibitions and events – from stools, benches and tables to fully specified front-of-house desks by commission. We design and make most of the furniture ourselves. This is an area of expanding interest for us so watch this space. Some of these items are available to hire.

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  • Gallery Desks

    Art Gallery and Museum tables | In solid Birch plywood and a range of colour faced solid plywood panel | Made by Artplinths on London

  • Gallery Tables

    Art Gallery and Museum tables| In solid Birch plywood and a range of colour faced solid plywood panel | Made by Artplinths on London

  • Gallery Benches

    Art Gallery Benches and Museum seating|  In solid Birch plywood and a range of colour faced solid plywood panel products | Made by Artplinths in London

  • Gallery Walls

    Art Gallery Walls |  Freestanding |  movable  | Painted Walls with internal storage | Made by Artplinths in London

  • Gallery Shelves

    Artplinths Wall hung art gallery shelves are available in Preset sizes or if you wish bespoke sizes and finishes. Art gallery shelves are suitable for exhibiting sculptures and 3D art or crafts objects and can accept reasonable loading. Made to be easily fitted using the split batten method of hanging. These museum shelves can be finished in a range of RAL colours and in different finishes to order. We will be adding Hardwood Gallery shelves for artwork soon and also adding a range of gallery ready floating shelves.

    Wall Supports for art and craft work require a particular aesthetic and need to adhere to the visual parameters of the fine art environment. Here at artplinths we understand this though we have yet to find anything off the peg commercially that fits the bill. After some searching we decided to design and make a range of Shelves suitable for 3D object display ourselves. Artplinths is a London Based plinth specialist suppliers  to the creative industries, artists and other retailers. 

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Popular products

  1. Simple Product

    Gallery Bench in Birch Ply

    Special Price: £472.00 +VAT

    Gallery bench or Viewing room bench in beautifully finished and hard wearing birch ply. Hand made in London in-house. This plinth is also available to hire. Learn More

    More details

  2. Simple Product

    Trestle in Birch Plywood

    Special Price: £145.00 +VAT

    Gallery trestle in birch plywood  Learn More

    More details

  3. Simple Product

    Gallery front of house desk

    Special Price: £2,900.00 +VAT

    Gallery Front Of house reception desk in birch Ply Learn More

    More details

  4. Simple Product

    ON SALE Desk Display Unit Folding

    Special Price: £525.00 +VAT

    Regular Price: £1,050.00 -50%

    Desk Desk and display unit (collapsible) on sale  2 available in crown cut European Oak  Learn More

    More details

  5. Simple Product

    Simple Gallery Desk

    Special Price: £860.00 +VAT

    Birch Plywood Gallery Desk | simple front of house desk for Art Galleries and retail showrooms.  Learn More

    More details

  6. Simple Product

    SALE Lectern or book plinth

    Special Price: £178.00 +VAT

    Lectern, book plinth. Learn More

    More details

  7. Simple Product

    Mobile gallery wall with storage

    Special Price: £2,835.00 +VAT

    Rolling Gallery wall Learn More

    More details

  8. Simple Product

    Gallery Bench 1 Birch Ply 1 Seater

    Special Price: £220.00 +VAT

    Gallery Bench 1 | Solid Birch Ply Gallery Furniture  Learn More

    More details

  9. Simple Product

    Gallery bench with arm support

    Special Price: £695.00 +VAT

    Gallery bench with arm support in eggshell and solid beech  Learn More

    More details

  10. Simple Product

    Gallery Bench 3 Birch Ply 3 Seater

    Gallery Bench 3 | Solid Birch Ply Gallery Furniture   Learn More

  11. Simple Product

    Gallery Bench 5 Birch Ply 5 Seater

    Gallery Bench 5 | Solid Birch Ply Gallery Furniture  Learn More

  12. Simple Product

    Gallery Bench 4 Birch Ply 4 Seater

    Gallery Bench 4 | Double width | Solid Birch Ply Art Gallery Furniture   Learn More

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