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Made in our London workshop, Artplinths are a popular choice for fine art, fashion, and retail events and photoshoots. Standard-duty plinths are fabricated in 12mm (1/2") MDF, which takes paint well and provides a stable and fault-free base for finishing. They are robust and light in weight.

We like using Medite Premier medium-density fibreboard (MDF). This is a light and very flat, stable product from a quality manufacturer. The fibres used are from fast-growing softwoods and as such are considered sustainable. Plus, the majority of the material that goes into it is waste product from other processes, so it can be also considered green. All our products – not our just plinths – are made using FSC-certificated timber.

Plinths are mitred all round, which means all the angles are cut at 45°, and all joins are seamless. We finish our products to impeccable standards: you will never see screws, nails, or pins.

We can reinforce particular plinths in 12, 18 or 25mm MDF for heavy duty use. Our heaviest-duty plinths to date were made for artworks that weighed up to 2000kg! These were specified by sculptor Tony Cragg for a solo show at Londons Lisson Gallery show (image shown)  made in our Workshops

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  • Painted Plinths

    For beautifully produced plinths for the creative industries its artplinths. Made in London by artisan craftsmen. Artplinths is a small manufacturer of Blue chip display solutions. Created with care to your exact specifications or ready made in 26 sizes from stock. 

  • Specialist Plinths

    Artplinths can manufacture Plinths in a wide variety of materials. Under the specialist plinths label you'll find Cylinders, Steel Plinths, Perspex pedestals, and other products. Remember artplinths is an independent makers so we can turn out anything to order bespoke. The product represent a survey of  our range, but any product  here can be adapted to suit your needs and can be made bespoke in any size colour and shape. 

    If you cant see what you want therefore just ask!

  • Hardwood Plinths

    Our real wood-veneered plinths are hand made by craftsmen. We finish our mitred plinths to a high standard using the same techniques employed in furniture making. We usually have standard size 100H x 30WD cm in stock in Natural wood and low sheen varnish . See below or click on one of the boxes below for a range of sizes in each wood.

  • Display Cases

    Our display cases are made by one of the country's top museum suppliers in genuine Perspex® acrylic.

    The V&A and Tate Gallery  See client list

    We are also able to source locking glass cases too. these too can be treamed up with any plinth height

    Order any height plinth with a 30cm², 40cm²  or 50cm² footprint complete with case by first selecting the plinth you want then adding the display case from the drop down menu.

  • Cylinder Plinths

    Cylinder plinths now available. Round plinths are available in a variety of useful heights and two standard diameters. other sizes can be ordered on a bespoke basis. These round pedestal columns are produced in-house using the same techniques that boat builders employ in making the hulls of vessels. Perfectly finished in Matt white and very minimal and beautiful though they are the structure relies on some pretty complex woodworking which our in house designers have now perfected making these plinths an affordable choice. We can also finish these plinths in our usual range of paints and hardwood veneers. please drop us a line to discuss 

  • Bespoke

    ‘Artplinths are the go-to guys for plinths’

    Artplinths make beautiful bespoke plinths and fine woodwork. We’re an artisan wood workshop providing a personal service to the creative sector in the capital and beyond. We make gallery furniture and shelving, Perspex and glass display cases and vitrines – in fact anything in wood, metal, plastics and glass. We can also personalise, wrap and brand plinths with your logo or graphics, and offer textile and printed finishes, eg leather, velvet and carbon fibre.

    Have a look through the examples of some of the bespoke work we've designed and made on behalf of our clients. If you would like something special made to your exact specifications please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can make recommendations and discuss your concepts by email, telephone or in person. Please contact us to make a personal appointment. We are happy to talk to students and emerging artists as well as the professionals, and take on domestic as well as commercial commissions.

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Popular products

  1. Simple Product

    Steel frame plinth 30H x 30W x 100D cm

    Special Price: £330.00 +VAT

    Steel-frame plinth. Self colour as standard, or customise from a range of options.  Learn More

    More details

  2. Simple Product

    Plinth 100H x 40W x 40D cm SALE

    Special Price: £136.00 +VAT

    Artplinths museum-quality plinths, seamless and pristine. Matt white as standard, or customise from a range of options.  This plinth is also available to hire. Learn More

    More details

  3. Simple Product
  4. Simple Product

    Walnut Plinth 100H x 40W x 40D SALE

    Special Price: £239.00 +VAT

    Walnut real wood veneered plinth. Learn More

    More details

  5. Simple Product

    Plinth 100H x 30W x SALE

    Special Price: £125.00 +VAT

    Museum-quality plinth, seamless and pristine. Matt white as standard, or customise from a range of options | This plinth is also available to hire  Learn More

    More details

  6. Simple Product

    Plinth 20H x 100W x 100Dcm SALE

    Special Price: £180.00 +VAT

    Museum quality low platform, seamless and pristine. Matt white as standard or customise from a range of options.  This plinth is also available to hire. Learn More

    More details

  7. Simple Product

    OSB Plinth 100H x 40WD SALE

    Special Price: £179.00 +VAT

    Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as flakeboard, sterling board. Size 100H x 40W x 40D cm   Learn More

    More details

  8. Simple Product

    Spruce Ply plinth 80H x 40W x 40D cm SALE

    Special Price: £173.00 +VAT

    Spruce Plinth. 80H x 40W x 40D cm Learn More

    More details

  9. Simple Product

    Hardwood Hexagon Plinth 120H x 40W cm SALE

    Special Price: £258.00 +VAT

    Artplinths Hexagon plinths in real Hardwood Veneers and Plywoods European Oak comes as standard or choose different real hardwood veneer species from the drop down menu.  Learn More

    More details

  10. Simple Product

    Walnut Plinth 20H x 80W x 80D SALE

    Special Price: £234.00 +VAT

    Walnut real wood veneered low plinth. Learn More

    More details

  11. Simple Product

    Cherry Plinth 100H x 30W x 30D SALE

    Special Price: £214.00 +VAT

    Natural, real wood veneered plinth, Cherry.    Learn More

    More details

  12. Simple Product

    Ebony Plinth 80H x 40W x 40D SALE

    Special Price: £235.00 +VAT

    This is a man-made veneer style Ebony. It is pale brown with dark black or brown streaks. Height 800cm x Width 40cm x Depth 40cm Learn More

    More details

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