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Plinths for Fine Art, Pedestals and Retail Displays London. Artplinths

Made in our London workshop, Artplinths are a popular choice for fine art, fashion, retail events and photoshoots. Standard-duty plinths are fabricated in 12mm (1/2") MDF, which takes paint well and provides a stable and fault-free base for finishing. They are robust and light in weight. We like using Medite Premier medium-density fibreboard (MDF). This is a light and very flat, stable product from a quality manufacturer. The fibres used are from fast-growing softwoods and as such are considered sustainable. Plus, the majority of the material that goes into it is waste product from other processes, so it can be also considered green. All our products – not our just plinths – are made using FSC-certificated timber.

Plinths are mitred all round, which means all the angles are cut at 45°, and all joins are seamless. We finish our products to impeccable standards: you will never see screws, nails, or pins.

We can reinforce particular plinths in 12mm, 18mm or 25mm MDF for heavy-duty use. Our heaviest-duty plinths to date were made for artworks that weighed up to 2000kg! These were specified by sculptor Tony Cragg for a solo show at London's Lisson Gallery show (image shown)  and made in our workshops.

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