Cylinder Hire

Cylinder plinth hire

Artplinths hire cylinder plinths. These round plinths are made in house using the same techniques boat builder use to create the hull of traditional vessels. Artplinths cylinder plinths are perfectly finished in matt white in a range of sizes and are also available for sale. They can also be painted any colour to order (at extra cost) 

Pristine plinths straight out of the box

Artplinths display plinth rental service 

Artplinths are the go-to guys for plinth hire in London. Our plinths are available in 26 sizes to rent from stock within an hour’s proximity to London’s leading venues.

We have built up a solid reputation by being flexible and very reliable. We understand the importance of 'right first time' for top-level brands and shows, having previously worked for many years in art installation in London. We're busy people because we care about quality. Our client list includes the Tate Gallery, the Science Museum, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Net-a-Porter, Harvey Nichols, Kensington Palace and the V&A. 

How it’s done We re-sand and re-paint our artplinths fresh for every rental booking so they look as sharp as possible straight out of the box. Each plinth is then bagged in polythene, protected and boxed ready to ship when you are. With the exception of our standard H100cm x W40cm x D40cm plinths, most of our plinth rental stock is finished in white. Plinths can be painted in any colour for a small extra charge. Please contact us for details. 

Why it’s done Artplinths showcase your important artworks, products and prototypes with the flawless simplicity a well-produced and pristine mitred pedestal brings. With our backgrounds in fine art, we understand the importance of the optical quality that a finely turned-out support adds to the object placed on it. We pride ourselves on consistent quality and attention to detail.

Artplinths are suitable for art exhibitions, press launches, photoshoots and public events. 

Artplinths Cylinders are robust and well proportioned for a perfect display solution. 

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