Concrete Effect Plinths

Concrete Effect Artplinths, Sculpture Cement Display Pedestals London

Made with a specialist textured concrete effect, these pedestals broadly retain the look and feel of concrete but without the elaborate and expensive casting process normally associated with cast-concrete pedestals. The hand-finished textured surface means that every plinth is unique, highly tactile and visually pleasingly industrial. Artplinths concrete-finish display columns come in a standard 12mm panel thickness and have a nice pale grey finish and a reasonable weight and heft, while being vastly more portable than heavy cast plinths. Heavy- and super-heavy-duty versions are also possible. 

With their strong and bold rendered surface, and good concrete colour, Artplinths concrete-effect pedestals are perfect for a stone or cement-style look, making these display columns a great choice for contemporary exhibitions and events.

Bespoke size concrete-effect Artplinths can be made to order Just send us an email to discuss your requirements.

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