Gallery Shelves

Artplinths Wall hung art gallery shelves are available in Preset sizes or if you wish bespoke sizes and finishes. Art gallery shelves are suitable for exhibiting sculptures and 3D art or crafts objects and can accept reasonable loading. Made to be easily fitted using the split batten method of hanging. These museum shelves can be finished in a range of RAL colours and in different finishes to order. We will be adding Hardwood Gallery shelves for artwork soon and also adding a range of gallery ready floating shelves.

Wall Supports for art and craft work require a particular aesthetic and need to adhere to the visual parameters of the fine art environment. Here at artplinths we understand this though we have yet to find anything off the peg commercially that fits the bill. After some searching we decided to design and make a range of Shelves suitable for 3D object display ourselves. Artplinths is a London Based plinth specialist suppliers  to the creative industries, artists and other retailers. 

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