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Artplinths Specialist plinths. now available to hire.

Hire plinths from the range of specialist plinths  - watch this space more to follow

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  • Steel Frame Plinth Hire

    Artplinths' steel-frame plinths

    Made in steel box section with solid steel plate, wood or Marble tops. 

    This robust and contemporary design is proving very popular.

  • Concrete Effect...

    Artplinths concrete finish plinths come in a standard 12mm panel  thickness and have a nice pale grey finish and a reasonable weight and heft while being more vastly portable than heavy cast plinths.Made with a specialist textured concrete effect finish these pedestals broadly retain the look and feel of concrete but without the elaborate and expensive casting process normally associated with concrete pedestals.Hand finished textured surface means that every plinth is unique, highly tactile and visually pleasingly industrial. Strong and bold rendered surface | Good concrete colour | Artplinths concrete effect pedestals are perfect for a look alike stone or cement style and make these display columns a great choice for contemporary exhibitions and events.

  • Hexagon Plinth Hire

    Artplinths Hexagons are now available to hire. 

    Hexagons are a sturdy faceted shape and lend themselves to columns for retail or gallery displays and events.  Fabricated in lightweight 12mm Medite® premier MDF with mitred joints all round for a seamless finish. Professional quality hand-painted finish comes as standard. they can be nesled together to make a bigger tiered display. 

  • Pipe clamp Plinth hire

    Hire Artplinths' industrial pipe plinths are made in 33mm galvanised steel tubing sections held by chunky steel corner fittings, topped with an 18mm blond plywood top. Please study the images to see the finish of the steel work: this is an industrial product in a standard finish. The galvanising process is primarily for weather resistance and there is no real attention paid to aesthetic considerations – though the rugged, industrial look is very on trend.

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  1. Simple Product

    Steel frame plinth 100H x 40W x 40W cm HIRE

    Special Price: £60.00 +VAT

    PLEASE EMAIL US TO BOOK YOUR HIRE  Artplinths keep a stock of 11 units in size 100H x 40W x 40D cm in the steel frame plinths.  Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Concrete effect 100H X 40W X 40D Plinth HIRE

    Special Price: £60.00 +VAT

    PLEASE EMAIL US TO BOOK YOUR HIRE  COMING SOON  Concrete effect  Plinths in size 100H x 40W x 40D cm    estimated stock 6  Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Hexagon Plinth 100H x 45W cm HIRE

    Special Price: £60.00 +VAT

    PLEASE EMAIL US TO BOOK YOUR HIRE  This is our standard size hexagon Plinth we have 4 in this size  Learn More

    More details

  4. Simple Product

    HIRE Pipe Clamp Plinth 100H x 100W x 100W cm

    Special Price: £72.00 +VAT

    HIRE Industrial pipe clamp plinth. Galvanised Steel. 100H x 100W x 100D cm  1 STOCKED FOR HIRE AT PRESENT  - MORE COMING  Learn More

    More details

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