Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you make bespoke-sized plinths?
A: Yes we do, and in any size and finish.

Q: What is the lead time for bespoke plinths?
A: This varies – usually from 2 to 20 working days, depending on how busy we are and the nature of the job.

Q: Can I drop in to see you in person to discuss a job?
A: Absolutely, although do please make an appointment as sometimes we are working on site. Please email:

Q: I need some plinths  very soon, do you have any available?
A: Some sizes will be available from stock, this changes depending on what sells out   - please call us on 07957754329 to discuss.

Q: Are you open evenings/weekends?
A: No I’m afraid not. Our opening times are: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. (We close for lunch between 1pm -2pm)

Q: Do prices quoted include VAT?
A:  Normally when we make a quote prices are plus Vat . prices on the website display both .

Q: My object/sculpture is very heavy, what is the maximum acceptable weight?
A: Let us know if you intend to display an unduly heavy item and we will reinforce your plinth. Maximum weight-bearing capacity is difficult to predict as it depends on how the weight is distributed.

Q: What material is the plinth made of?
A: Our standard plinths are made from “Medite Premier” – medium-density fibreboard (known as MDF). This is a high quality light, stable, and very flat product. The fibres used are from fast-growing softwoods and are considered sustainable. Plus, the majority of the material that goes into it is waste product from other processes, so it can also be considered green. We also make plinths in concrete, steel, Perspex® Acrylic, and hardwood veneers.

Q: What does mitred mean?
A:  Mitred-all-round plinths have no seen edges as the boards are all cut to 45 degree angles so that they fit together as seamless planes. (We do not make butt-jointed plinths because they tend to fur up and yellow at the ends on painting.)

Q: Do you offer formaldehyde-free plinths?
A: Yes we do.

Q: Do you offer fire-retardant plinths?
A: Yes we do. 

Q: Do you provide Perspex® Acrylic display cases?
A: Yes, we have 4 stock sizes to fit our plinths: three cubes at 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm height/width/depth (HWD), and a taller 40Hx30Wx30D cm. Perspex® Acrylic display cases are also available bespoke in any size.


Q: What is the cost of hiring the plinths?
A: Our plinths are priced by size and start at £55 plus VAT for the first 7 days, and from £20 per subsequent week. 

Q: Can I return hire plinths at night or at the weekend?
A: No, orders need to be retuned weekdays between 9.15am and 1pm and 2pm to 4.30pm

Q: What size plinths do you have for hire?
A: We have a large range of sizes. Please see here for a full list. 

Q: I would like to hire black plinths. Can you help?
A: Yes! We keep a stock of  100Hx40W x 40Dcm  for hire at the standard rates. If you need more than this or different sizes, we can accommodate you no problem, although additional painting costs apply (see next question).

Q: Do you have plinths in colours other than black and white for hire?
A: Our plinths can be painted to suit your needs at a cost of £50 per plinth plus the cost of paint. (This is discounted for larger orders of 5 or more units.)

Q: How does payment and deposit work?
A: We need payment in advance in order to secure your hire and will give you clear instructions during the quotation process. Each hire booking is subject to a refundable security deposit. The deposit is refunded within 14 days (although usually much quicker) of the hired goods being returned undamaged. 

Q: What if the goods get lost or damaged?
A: Damaged: We charge a labour fee of £35 ph plus VAT to refurbish damaged plinths. If the plinth is heavily damaged beyond repair (extremely rare, thankfully!), we would charge the full retail cost of replacement. The same applies to plinths which are lost whilst on hire. Please note that we do not charge for scuffs etc to paint work  as we sand and re-paint the plinths after each hire. If you loose the plinth you must pay the retail cost of replacement. this figure may be in excess of your deposit.


Q: Can I arrange transport myself?
A: Absolutely. Many of our clients have their own in-house delivery agent and we are more than happy to facilitate this. 

Q: Can you arrange transport for me?
A: Yes we can on sales orders only though. We do not offer transport in house on hire orders. We use professional couriers to do our deliveries, We do not have an in house delivery service  as we have found couriers to be the most efficient, safe and reliable solution. Cost depends on your postcode. Prices quoted for jobs are always plus delivery.

Q: Can I book a delivery for a certain time/date?
A: For London deliveries, we can organise dates and times. However, because of the unpredictable nature of traffic, we are unable to guarantee delivery times. Therefore, please factor in transport time when booking your deliveries with us. If you are outside London, we offer different speeds of shipping. There are overnight deliveries, as well as cheaper 3-10 day options. Please contact us for more details. 

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