Hexagon Plinths | Painted

Hexagon shape plinths in a range of finishes and pedestal sizes

Artplinths offer a Range of Painted hexagon plinths 

Fully Mitred on all sides. All our pedestals are fine finished in paint which can be hand applied or Sprayed in any colour  Artplinths hexagon plinths are an economic alternative to cylinders or round plinths. Hexagons are a sturdy faceted shape and lend themselves to columns for retail or gallery Displays.  Fabricated in lightweight 12mm Medite® premier MDF with mitred joints all round for a seamless finish. Professional quality hand-painted finish comes as standard and is easily touched up and repainted or available in Black or any colour, or choose a sprayed finish in any RAL code to order. Our plinths have a simple removable shadow gap: they can sit directly on the floor or for AV cables or aesthetics they can be raised 6mm or more (no more mouse holes for cables). Artplinths can be adapted for a multitude of applications . We can supply plinths in ZF formaldehyde-free MDF, Fire resistant and other materials. We can adapt for heavy-duty use. We have three duty levels, up to a reinforced 18mm. 

Bespoke sizes and special orders please give drop us a line 

Museum-quality display plinths, made in London.

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