NEW Tony Cragg, Lisson Gallery

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Tony Cragg, Lisson Gallery

Plinths commissioned for Tony Cragg major exhibition at the Lisson Gallery London

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Tony Cragg is a prominent British visual artist known for his smooth, blobular, almost alien formations. Cragg commonly uses a range of materials to produce smooth, curved surfaces that explore his observations of the surrounding world by challenging form, volume, scale and function through the medium of sculpture. His latest exhibition at the Lisson Gallery features a variety of new works in a continuance of form, yet extending his practice beyond the previous limits with ever more intricate surfaces areas and new formations.

Cragg was born in 1949 and began showing work at the Lisson gallery in 1979. This exhibition is his twelfth hosted by the gallery since their initial collaboration. Cragg also exhibited his works in London early this year at Exhibition Road at part of the 2012 Festival.

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