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Artplinths can manufacture Plinths in a wide variety of materials. Under the specialist plinths label you'll find Cylinders, Steel Plinths, Perspex pedestals, and other products. Remember artplinths is an independent makers so we can turn out anything to order bespoke. The product represent a survey of  our range, but any product  here can be adapted to suit your needs and can be made bespoke in any size colour and shape. 

If you cant see what you want therefore just ask!

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  • Steel Frame plinths

    Artplinths Steel frame plinths. Made in Mild steel box section with steel plate, wood or Marble tops.  Available in a variety of finishes. 

    We are able to finish these metal plinths in a variety of ways or leave them as they come for a contemporary industrial look. 

    Steel plinths are a  made to order. please contact us for more details.Larger and bespoke sizes and specialist installations available on request.

    Steel frame plinths are also available to hire.

  • Plinths in Perspex®...

    Artplinths specialist plinths  Made from 8mm Perspex® Acrylic plinths. Manufactured to our usual high standards in 8mm Mitred Acrylic. available in Clear, Opal, Black and to order in bespoke sizes and colour options. 

  • Steel Plate Plinths

    Artplinths Steel plinths. made in Mild steel and then sand blasted and patinated  in either a Corton effect (rusted red colour) of a black patina. Designed to be used outside the plinths will change and rust over time to give the distinctive colouring as represented in the render shown. 

    Steel plinths are made to order and take 15- 20 working days lead time as a guide. please contact us for more details

    Larger and bespoke sizes and specialist installations available on request.

  • Lectern / book plinth

    Artplinths lectern or book plinth. useful for speeches or as a visitor book signing plinth. We use them to display art books and bookworks for events. as a front of house desk for events 

  • Collection box

    Artplinths collection /donation box. A lockable perspex Mitred 5mm perspex box that matches or standard range of plinths and cases, Suitable for Art galleries and museums. Ideal for charitable events and functions. perspex tamper proof locking case 

  • OSB Plinths

    Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as flakeboard, sterling board.

  • Spruce Plywood plinths

    Spruce Plywood Plinths coming soon!

    Pristine and beautiful real-wood plinths and pedestals. Artplinths' solid plywood plinths are handmade by craftsmen to museum standards. Made in-house in our Hackney workshops, these Spruce softwood  pedestals are fully mitred, seamless and fine finished.

  • Hexagon Plinths | Painted

    Artplinths offer a Range of Painted hexagon plinths 

    Fully Mitred on all sides. All our pedestals are fine finished in paint which can be hand applied or Sprayed in any colour  Artplinths hexagon plinths are an economic alternative to cylinders or round plinths. Hexagons are a sturdy faceted shape and lend themselves to columns for retail or gallery Displays.  Fabricated in lightweight 12mm Medite® premier MDF with mitred joints all round for a seamless finish. Professional quality hand-painted finish comes as standard and is easily touched up and repainted or available in Black or any colour, or choose a sprayed finish in any RAL code to order. Our plinths have a simple removable shadow gap: they can sit directly on the floor or for AV cables or aesthetics they can be raised 6mm or more (no more mouse holes for cables). Artplinths can be adapted for a multitude of applications . We can supply plinths in ZF formaldehyde-free MDF, Fire resistant and other materials. We can adapt for heavy-duty use. We have three duty levels, up to a reinforced 18mm. 

    Bespoke sizes and special orders please give drop us a line 

    Museum-quality display plinths, made in London.

  • Hexagon Plinths |...

    Hexagon plinths in real hardwood veneers. purpose built for the creative industries. Made in London, Artplinths are a small manufacturer of display solutions. Created with care to your exact specifications or ready made in preset sizes. Our real wood-veneered hexagon pedestals are hand made by craftsmen. We finish our mitred plinths to a high standard using the same techniques employed in furniture making. Choose from a wide range of Hardwood veneers , Oak , cherry, Walnut, Brazilian mahogany, Wenge, or drop us a line if you dont see what you require. All our wooden plinths are handmade in London. 

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    Artplinths Hexagon plinths in real Hardwood Veneers and Plywoods European Oak comes as standard or choose different real hardwood veneer species from the drop down menu.  Learn More

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